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Drug Safety Information: valproate medicines

Important new drug safety information from the MHRA regarding valproate medicines has been introduced.

Valproate medicines must no longer be used in women or girls of childbearing potential unless a Pregnancy Prevention Programme is in place. Materials for use in the implementation of the Pregnancy Prevention Programme will be disseminated to healthcare professionals (HCPs) by the MHRA in the coming weeks.

HCPs must ensure all women and girls (and their parent, caregiver, or responsible person, if necessary) are fully informed of the risks and the need to avoid exposure to valproate medicines in pregnancy.  Further information is provided via the MHRA link.

To ensure GGC are fully compliant with these new regulatory measures from MHRA, a meeting of stakeholders will be arranged in the coming weeks to consider the actions already taken in the board and what further actions are required. 


 Published 03/05/18